Sunday, October 2, 2011


Pictures I've taken so far (not many):

This is my house.  You can see windows from all four stories.  My window is the one on the left on the second story.

This is my street.  It's fairly steep and made of cobbles.  My roommate hates it....well, driving on it.  :)

This is a view of the little park directly behind where I took the picture of my street.  There are tall, old church spires everywhere, kind of reminding me of....

....the mosque I walk by everyday on my way to uni.  I figured Andrew would like it.  There is a huge Arabic population in the area.  

And here is an old cathedral converted into the Leeds business school.  I don't have classes there, but I thought it was cool.  It's pretty high tech inside, despite the 18th or 19th century facade.

And a picture of me, sporting a double chin, despite the fact that I've lost weight here due to walking (briskly...especially when I'm running late) 20 minutes or so to and from university, sometimes twice a day.  

Hopefully that will appease some of you until I have time to take some decent pictures.  :)

Wait...I forgot one.  This is the picture from my window on the day I got here:  

It was a gorgeous day, much like it has been for the past week.  It's been unseasonably warm and sunny.  I've enjoyed it immensely.

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