Sunday, November 13, 2011

Crazy Week, Academically Speaking

If you tried to contact me over the past few weeks and found me a little comatose and unresponsive, it is because I spent most of the past two weeks (up until the 7th) working on my first paper (which was due on the 7th).  I realized how much time I wasted that I could have been preparing.  Therefore, I've decided to focus more.  I probably put 4-5 hours a day (sometimes more) for two weeks to get a simple 3000 word essay on the apparent disconnect between sovereignty and globalisation.  It was long and arduous to get back into academic paper mode, but I think I'm there now.  After a bit of post-paper mental crashing, I'm ready to start a new week, focused and on the ball.  I have a room in the institute where I study now, to keep me distraction free (it also has bathrooms, an oven and a microwave, electricity that I don't have to pay for, and a few like amenities), so now I'm set to work on the three papers I have remaining this term and to start the structural planning for my dissertation.  My papers aren't due until the 16th of January, but I'd like to get 2, if not all three, out of the way before Christmas.

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  1. you see why it is hard for me to work on my dissertation at home! Nice to have a distraction-free room or office, isn't it? Good luck and best wishes with all of your work.